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CNG Cylinders on Board Application
Type 1 Cylinders are in the range Outer Diameters of 232 mm to 356 mm and 406 mm with length varying from 600 mm to 2500 mm and having Water equivalent capacity of 22 liters to 200 liters and Gasoline Capacity ranging from 6.8 liters to 31.3 liters.  EICL also manufacture Cascades and Industrial Cylinders of varied dimensions and specifications.

EICL Cylinders adhere to the highest International Certification from SGS under ISO 11439:2000, IS: 7285 (Part I), IS: 7285 (Part2) IS 15490:2004 and NZS 5484 Standards and UN ECE Regulations.

CNG Cylinder Cascades
CNG Cylinder Cascades for the storage and transportation of the gas from on-line stations to daughter stations, mobile gensets and variety of applications. These cascades come with various water capacities and storage pressures to meet specific customer requirements. These cascades are suitable for mounting on LCVs, and transportation to the CNG dispensation site.
Cylinders for Compressed Industrial Gases
Our High-pressure Industrial gas cylinders – for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, air etc – are designed and manufactured to withstand rough handling. Industrial Cylinders are made of high-quality seamless steel tubes using state-of-the-art CNC technologies and treated with appropriate HQT process and subjected to the highest Quality Control Standards.
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